My second trip to Seoul

2 weeks already past…..

The second weekend I again went to Seoul, but this time I went from Saturday, because I stared my study Bible.  I left again with the train at 7:3 minutes, this time I was relaxed because I already knew the way.  I left so early because I wanted to meat one of my friends from Seoul and spend some time together before going to church.

It was a good decision because he showed me a bit the city and we spent a nice time.  First he showed   me the Myongdong station… I was so amazed about the number of the cosmetic shops they have.  I actually get tired just seeing some of them….. Tooooo, toooo many I think.  So if you like to buy cosmetic products and you are in Korea or plan to come to Korea this is a place you must visit.  I am not so much into shopping so after I bought the gift I wanted to buy I left, actually I was really tired just seeing some of them…. Also I was kind of sorry for my friend who just followed me in every shop. I am sorry my friend

11After this place he took me to a place where we eat some kimbab but not the usual one.  I put a picture below.  It has just rice in and you eat it with soup and also side dishes like kimchi and Oyster. I really enjoyed it.  You should try also.

The next destination, because I still had some free time, was the military museum.  Sincerely if you go to Korea I really recommend this museum.  It is free, really big,  and if you like history it is perfect.  My friend is working also like a guide for foreigners from time to time so he knows really well the place and he could explain to me a lot of things about what I saw there and also I found stories from real people that were in the war, because he knows some of them.  Even if you do not have someone like him with you I recommend you to go, you won’t regret.  You also will receive a free book with some details about the war, most of them were written by people who served in the army.  I took some pictures there, you can see them here.  My battery again died so the part with the real tanks and airplanes, and ships that were used in the war are not in the pictures but I definitely plan to go again there so I will take more pictures then.  I decided to take my roommate there.

The name of the museum is: The war memorial of Korea


The story of this sculpture: 2 brothers who were in the Korean war, the older fought for South Korea and the younger  one was in North Korea. They found each other on the battle field, and despite  being part of the enemies army, they hugged each other.







And a picture where you can see my friend 🙂

My friend was asking me: Don’t you want pictures? Why? So I took these ones more to please him 🙂

After this wonderful trip in the history of Korea I went to church and then spent time with the family I was sleeping at.  Wonderful people.  We went to eat in a place where we had to take our shoes off and we stayed on a pillow. The meal was a traditional one.  I couldn’t take the pictures because my phone was dead.  Before the rice they made the soup in front of us on the table. The lady from the restaurant gave us sooo many side dishes that I did not know what to tray first.  I ate some roots from a tree that actually tasted good, crab legs that again were good, but for me kind of hard to eat :)))) then some onion and cucumber both pickled.  I loved the onion, some mushrooms, other vegetables, kimchi, fruits in some sauce, omelet, some pork meat but made like pancakes… What else ..the dishes were so many that I cannot remember all…
I ate so much that I was really full.  After the meal they showed me the campus of Korea university, because it was close to where we ate.  That campus is really beautiful, it has a big park where I could see students staying on the grass and chatting.  It was already night so the view was really beautiful, it made me think at the future, when I will be in my campus at Seoul National University.  I heard the campus is so big that students use busses to go from a place to another.

Sunday (today) I just went to church this time also at the English service, spend some meaningful time with people from there and coming back to Cheonan.

I can feel how my life here starts to be normal but at the same time full of happiness.  I am meeting new people, learning a language that I like, making new friends, visiting new places and learning everyday new things about this country and her culture. So I am really thankful for the opportunity that God gave me of being here. Ha ha the only regret that I have is that my family is not here with me.

Some interesting things about Korea.

1.It is really hard to find a garbage bag in the city, I think people take their garage home and then throw it.  The cities are really clean.  Both Cheonan and Seoul.
2.The buildings as I expected are really big and the architecture is quite interesting for some of the building
3.Here the cars have priority not people when crossing a street
4.The technology is no joke… But about this I will write another article

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My first time going to Seoul

Hello again  🙂

A week and a half have passed away without realizing. Here also, like home, the time just flies.
The first days after I arrived here were quite hard because I had problems adapting to the gap and I felt always sleepy. My body also had problems adapting to the new style of food. But even so I survived because my schedule was full of nice things to do.  The first weekend was really interesting for me.  Saturday I met one of my friends who used to live in Cheonan, so he came to meet me and to offer his help. He is such a good friend. I actually think God send him to me knowing that I will move in Cheonan, even before we found out.
I had a really pleasing day with him and with another friend of his.  They both took care of me, buying me really good food and helping me find out more about life in Cheonan.  I will not say more about this day because I want to keep it only in my memory. It was a really good day and I am really thankful for God giving me such good people as my friends.


Sunday I decided to go to Seoul. For those who do not know I am a Christian. I believe in God and I am really thankful for him choosing me as  his child. So because I want to always  follow God’s word I decided to attend the worship, every Sunday at a church from Seoul, not Cheonan. My reasons: this church has the right doctrine, the word of God leads them and also they have English service every Sunday.  Another reason, they do Bible study one by one. Something that is important for the foundation of our Christian life,  to study the Bible.

So even though I had to make a trip for 3 hours in total, I decided to accept this challenge because anyway I knew that I am not alone. I knew that God will protect me and will help me get there without problems.
I woke up at 5 am in the morning. Because the English service starts at 9 am I wanted to catch the first train to Seoul, at 6:37, to be at 9 in Seoul.
I kind of new how to travel from my campus that is outside of Cheonan, to the Cheonan station, but still traveling alone in a new country is challenging and it made me a bit worried.  I took a bus from my campus at 6:5 minutes and I was counting the stations I passed; I knew from my friend that I need to change that bus at 4th station but after the second one I realized that something is wrong.  I also knew the name of the station I need to go off and the bus announced it just after the second one.  So I was like…. What is this, it has to be the 4th, not the 3th.  I was still trying to figure out what happened when I realized that the bus just passed the bus station with the name I knew… Then I understood. Here in Korea if you want to get of, you need to press a button before your station. So I was like oh what do I do now, the bus passed like 100 m and it was still moving.  Then a lady… Do not ask me how she knew, maybe she saw on my face that I am confused. I do not know why, but she told me, press the button, press the button and she showed me a button near me.  I was like OK I will press but actually I did not believe the bus will just stop after 200 m from the station… But surprise, the bus stopped and I got off.  I was waw this was God, He is with me and protects me.
I went to the bus station and looked for the bus number I could take to go at the train station.  I could take 2 of them.  One was coming more earlier, even so, I realized I will lose the train from 6:37. The second bus came after some minutes. This time I decided I need to stay at the door and see clearly where I need to get off.  I knew it has to be a cosmetic show exactly in front of the bus station, and also I knew a bit the area becausethe day earlier I went there with my friend to see the station.  So when the bus stopped at the station I felt I needed to get off but I couldn’t see the cosmetic shop, just one with clothes.  Many people got off and I was like, it is here??  What should I do… Then I saw a lady. I looked at her and she just asked me, were do you need to get off?  I said in Korean, Cheonan station, and she was like here here you need to get of here… The doors were already closed but the driver was waiting for the people to pass the route in front of the bus, so I pressed against the button, even if the doors were closed, and I got off.  I again thought, God you really love me . The next time I will ask, I will not let you always do  all the job.  I was really thankful that the lady asked me first where I need to go off .
At the train station I found really quickly from where I need to take the train but because I arrived at the station at 6:39, I had to wait for the next train that was at 7:3 minutes.  It was ok for me to wait but I was a bit worried for the person who waited me in Seoul. Since I thought this might happen, I already told her that I might arrive at 9:30 instead of 9. However I felt very sorry towards her. I also knew that I could only attend the Korean service that day.
Before the train came I asked some people if I am in the right place as I  thought  that I need to check to make sure.  I was where I had to be.
The journey to Seoul was quite long and a bit tiring, but here all people sleep in the train so from time to time after I was bored of looking through the window, I closed my eyes.  But because I had to check the station I couldn’t really rest.  Instead of that I observed the people. For real now I can say Korean people are really beautiful. Their features are really beautiful for me.  I heard a lot of comments about how Korean people are addicted by their phones…. Sincerely I think they are not more addicted then Romanians.  Some of them were playing with the phone, but they were young people under 30 and sincerely, it was a long journey, what else were there to do? I would’ve played with mine also but I realized after taking some pictures that my battery started to go off so I just used my phone checking where I am on the map.
Most of them were sleeping, or speaking between them, or just staring at the window or other people, like I did.  I also admired their style of dressing and listened to some of them speaking just to see if I can understand.

Like this, the time just passed away.  But before my station I checked a lot my phone to check every station so my battery was on red…. I just need to buy an external battery… I really need to.
I got off the train and went to the gate I had to meet my person. But when I went out no-one was there, so I was thinking what happened,  I took  my phone and tried to see if I can find some free Wi-Fi. I still don’t have a Korean number.  My phone was announcing me that it will shut down in a few minutes…. I did not know what to do.  So I started to pray to God to give me an idea…then my phone ring,   the person was calling me.  I answered and I just said… I am at.. (the name of the station)  at gate  nr3, and then my phone just turned off.  I was oh way now…. ?? I did not know if I said well the name of the station,  if she understood me…. So I waited, and I was thinking that the time passed away really slow.  I couldn’t check the time so actually I do not know how much time I waited, but at one point I thought: should I leave from here, should I go in some place to charge my phone and then to find Wi-Fi and call her…. But if I leave and she comes here. I was thinking that she also might be worried for me.  So I just decided that the best thing to do is to stay there and pray. I was praying and praying and then I heard someone calling my name, I turned and saw her.  I couldn’t stop my happiness and my gratitude for God. Sometimes I think I am a bad child because there are times when I forget that He is always with me. So sometimes I am concerned about some things that happen in my life. Even though I know He protects me I still am a bit worried.

After I met her, I went to church and spend valuable time with God and people from the church.  I will not detail about this part.  I stayed at church until 3:30 and then I returned at the station and took the first train to Cheonan.  Now I knew the way so I was more confident.  In the train one lady asked me if I speak Englih. She knew a bit of English so she wanted to make conversation to see how much she remembers.  Almost half of the way we spoke, she in English, me both Korean and English. The other half of the journey I just slept.  It was a full day for me so I was really tired.
I arrived in my dorm at 6:30, spoke with my parents and prepared for the next day when we had a schedule with the ones who gave us the scholarship.  (NIIED)

The next week my body started to get used and also I started to sleep normally.  We started the classes on Thursday.  Because I already did some Korean, after the exam they gave us, I was placed in the level 2, beginner 2 class.  The classes are made of 15-17 people and we are also mixed with other students from other countries.  In my class for example we are just 3 people with KGPS scholarship and the others are students that learn Korean for their personal reasons.  My colleagues are from China, Japan, Malaysia, Cameron, Vietnam, India, Brazil and Costa Rica. And the age is between 18-27. We have 3 professors, Monday and Tuesday one, Wednesday one, and Thursday   and Friday another one.  The classes are from 9 am until 1 pm.  All the teachers speak just in Korean and from my point of view they really care about us learning, they explain something until we understand, using all their imagination.  I like the classes. And something important we have a test every day :)))))))
We need to learn a lot.  So the week passes really fast.  Classes then learning then again learning…  Nothing interesting.  I think this is how the week will usually be.

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Plecarea din România,sosirea în Coreea și prima zi în Coreea

Bună  안녕하세요 ^ – ^

Pentru că mulți dintre prietenii mei vor să știe despre experiența mea în Coreea și despre Coreea, în general, am decis să scriu un jurnal pe pagina mea. Vă anunț că poate fi plictisitor deoarece va fi structurat ca un jurnal și  vor fi pasaje în care voi detalia poate cam mult, dar dacă vă gândiți că ar putea fi interesant totuși , simțiți-vă liberi să mă urmăriți.

Înainte de a începe călătoria mea, cred că ar trebui să vă spun exact de ce m-am mutat în Coreea timp de 3 ani. Acum câteva luni, în martie mai exact, am aplicat pentru o bursă acordată de guvernul din Coreea. Am aplicat pentru un program de master în arhitectură și inginerie arhitecturală. Din martie până în iulie a trebuit să trec niște etape, care au implicat ministrul educației din România, Ambasada Coreeană în România, guvernul și ministrul educației în Coreea, universitățile la care am aplicat, și unele controale medicale. După trecerea rundelor, am fost acceptată. In primul an voi învăța numai limba  coreeană  la Universitatea Sun Moon din Cheonan, iar apoi  2 ani, voi face master în Seoul, la SNU (Seoul National University).

(Pentru mai multe informații despre această bursă, voi scrie un articol cu acești pași în română pe pagina  celor de la ACA (Academia Coreeană Arirang ), cel mai probabil, până la sfârșitul lunii septembrie, așa că cei interesați verificați acolo.)

Ok, acestea fiind spuse voi începe călătoria mea.

Plecarea din România și sosirea în Coreea

Ziua 0 a venit, acesta a fost primul gând care mi-a venit când m-am trezit pe data de 22 august, iar al doilea a fost: Chiar plec Doamne? Mă mut în Coreea? Eram încântată, dar în același timp emoționată. Știam adânc în inima mea că la fel de mult cât am visat să trăiesc în Coreea pentru un timp, această experiență va fi una grea și care de asemenea mă va face să trăiesc o perioadă departe de familia mea.  Astfel nu pot spune că mă simțeam super fericită, trăiam sentimente mixte pe care nu le pot explica prea bine în cuvinte.

Zborul meu era programat la 15:20, așa că am ajuns la aeroport la 13:30 pm, cu un gol mare în stomac. Pentru că am plecat din București, iar eu locuiesc în Timișoara, am fost singură la aeroport. Așa că, în acea zi, am sărit peste sentimentul de a spune la revedere familiei mele. Am fost un pic îngrijorată, în schimb, pentru că bagajul meu nu va avea greutatea corectă. Puteam avea la bagajul de cală doar 23 kg și 8 kg în bagajele de mână, iar eu aveam 10, deoarece la al doilea avion și cel mai important, cel cu Korean air, aveam voie 12 kg. Dar, prima compania aeriana cea de la cehi, aveam escală în Praga, mi-au permis doar 8, așa că am fost puțin îngrijorată că va trebui să las ceva în urmă. Luasem deja cu mine  doar lucrurile de care într-adevăr aveam nevoie, așa că nu îmi permiteam să las ceva în urmă. În acele momente, în care așteptam în linie să îmi primesc biletul, tot la ce mă puteam gândi era să îl rog pe Dumnezeu să mă ajute, să nu îmi verifice geanta sau să se aplice acea regulă care ține de compania principală a zborului tău. Ce credeți că s-a întâmplat ??? Nici măcar nu i-a interesat ce am în mână, au cântărit bagajul meu de cală și atât 🙂 Am plecat de acolo spre securitate mulțumind Domnului pentru lucrarea Lui.

Am luat primul zbor (pe care era să îl pierd datorită cozii imense de la verificarea pașapoartelor, dar datorită unor oameni cumsecade, care m-au lăsat în fața lor când le-am spus ora la care pleacă zborul meu, precum și cu o mică alergare, am ajuns la timp), cu intenția de a dormi și a trece peste emoții. Dar cineva a avut un alt plan. Tipul de lângă mine a început să vorbească cu mine despre atât de multe lucruri încât înainte de a-mi da seama am fost la Praga … nu mă întrebați cum m-am simțit pe parcursul zborului pentru că nu știu,  am fost prea ocupată vorbind așa că nu mi-am verificat starea.

În Praga m-am întâlnit cu celelalte 2 fete din România ceea ce a făcut ca timpul de 2 ore dintre zboruri să treacă foarte repede, stând de vorbă. Am găsit poarta noastră foarte repede, si faptul că erau mulți coreeni la acea poartă ne-a ajutat, de asemenea, să fim sigure că suntem în locul potrivit. Toate trei am luat același avion , dar am avut locuri diferite. Eu îmi rezervasem dinainte un loc la fereastră  pentru că am vrut să fac poze când ajung în Coreea J Yeeyyy … sau nu … voi explica în câteva minute, de ce nu.

M-am urcat în avion. Așa cum mă așteptam compania Korean Air  s-a ridicat la așteptările mele. Avionul e foarte curat și are toate facilitățile. Iar stewardesele erau așa primitoare că nu aveai cum să nu le admiri. Mi-am găsit locul relativ repede, undeva la mijlocul avionului, m-am așezat și apoi am văzut în fața mea că instrucțiunile de pe scaun erau în coreeană, ceea ce a declanșat în mine sentimentul de realitate …m-a lovit ca o tigaie in cap…PLEC SPRE COREEA !!!! Am fost ceva de genul WAW acest lucru se întâmplă, chiar se întâmplă ! M-am speriat pentru o clipă și apoi m-am calmat. Am făcut niște poze și apoi am văzut că bateria telefonului meu era pe roșu. Mi-am spus în gând, e ok doar călătoresc cu Korean air, nu trebuie decât să îmi pun încărcătorul în USB și problema e rezolvată. Mi-am scos încărcătorul și am lăsat  telefonul la încărcat. Am închis ochii și m-am gândit la cele întâmplate în ultimele luni în viața mea, la cum a lucrat Dumnezeu ca eu  să fiu în acel avion, m-am simțit atât de iubită. Am simțit cum avionul decolează, am deschis ochii și apoi mi-am adus aminte că îmi plănuisem să fac poze cu acest moment.  Am luat telefonul și am făcut o poză. Aceasta este imaginea  🙂


Făcând poza, mi-am dat seama că bateria mea era tot pe roșu, telefonul meu nu se încărca. M-am întrebat, ohh ce s-a întâmplat, nu am conectat bine încărcătorul la USB, am scos de câteva ori încărcătorul și l-am conectat iar, dar nimic, același rezultat. M-am uitat la colega mea de scaun, și ea avea telefonul la încărcat, nu părea să nu meargă. M-am gândit că ar trebui să o întreb dacă al ei merge. După ce mi-am resetat telefonul, am repetat încă o dată operația de mai sus. Văzând că am același rezultat mi-am luat inima în dinți și am întrebat :

,, Scuzați-mă, telefonul dumneavoastră se încarcă ? ,,

,, Da, al vostru nu ? Încercați aici dacă doriți ,,

Mi-am pus încărcătorul în USB-ul ei și pentru o secundă a mers, dar apoi s-a oprit fără nici un semn… am fost ok, eu ce fac acum ?? Fără baterie nu numai că nu puteam face poze, dar nici nu puteam să îmi anunț familia că am ajuns cu bine în aeroport, ceea ce mă îngrijora mai mult.   … M-am panicat un pic și apoi mi-am spus, e ok, totul e în regulă, Dumnezeu  va rezolva și acest lucru. Am mai făcut o poză și apoi am închis telefonul decidându-mă să mă uit la un film.

Ideea  de a vedea un film….încă mai cred că a fost una bună … însă nu cred că am optat  pentru un film prea potrivit pentru starea mea, nu vă recomand să-l vizionați atunci când sunteți instabili emoționali așa cum am fost eu. Filmul foarte frumos,  dar m-a făcut să plâng… da am plâns în avion, evident fără zgomot. Încă mai am demnitatea mea.

Acesta este trailerul filmului pe care l-am văzut și sincer îl recomand :

După film m-am dus la colega meu româncă pentru a rezolva problema telefonului, dar surpriza. Când mi-am pus încărcătorul la ea, a avut aceeași reacție ca și la colega de scaun. M-am gândit atunci unde o fi problema ? telefonul meu sau încărcătorul ?. Ea m-a sfătuit să întreb una dintre stewardese dacă nu mă poate ajuta. M-am gândit că e o idee bună. Una dintre ele mi-a dat încărcătorul ei, dar  același rezultat. Așa că mi-am spus ok voi vedea ce voi face atunci când ajung în aeroport în Seul. Prin urmare, fără imagini din avion sau la momentul aterizării.

Pentru că nu îmi era somn am vizionat un alt film, de data aceasta unul american, pentru că mi-am spus că vreau doar să mă relaxez și nu vreau să fie unul emoțional, din nou. Am văzut ,, Mother’s Day,, . A fost frumos. În timp ce am vizionat acest film întregul avion era deja adormit, lumina a fost stinsă și ferestrele acoperite. Mă gândeam de ce nu pot dormi, era deja ora 8 am și eu pur și simplu nu puteam dormi. Puteam vedea prin luminițe mici că afară soarele e deja puternic,dar pentru că cei din jurul meu dormeau nu puteam deschide geamul, așa că am pierdut și răsăritul …  După film, am ascultat muzica, ultimul album al  lui Junsu si, de asemenea, muzica clasica, Beethoven. Ascultând muzică clasică am reușit să adorm… dar la scurt timp am simțit cum s-au aprins luminile, era timpul pentru micul dejun, mă gândeam nuuuuu, nu acum când în sfârșit am închis și eu ochii… Astfel am început să mă simt tot mai obosită, am mai ațipit și ca rezultat nu numai că nu am poze dar nu am fost nici eu atentă când am ajuns deasupra Coreei sau când am aterizat. Și rezervasem special locul la fereastră tocmai ca să pot să rămân cu aceea imagine în minte, Coreea văzută de sus.  Chiar și atunci când eram în aeroport am fost fără emoție, faptul că in jurul meu erau coreeni mă făcea să îmi dau seama că sunt în Coreea, dar eram ceva de genul, ok am ajuns, foarte bine.

După ce mi-am recuperat bagajele, m-am despărțit de celelalte fete din România, fiecare avea altă destinație. M-am uitat la numărul ușii pe care ieșisem și am văzut că sunt la ieșirea B, iar eu trebuia să mă întâlnesc cu studenții care veniseră după mine la ușa F. Am mulțumit încă o dată Domnului pentru că mi-a dat o memorie bună a fizionomiei, am închis ochii și mi-am imaginat poza cu studenții pe care trebuia să îi găsesc. Aveam poza în telefon, dar după cum știți în acel moment nu aveam telefon. Am pornit cu bagajele spre poarta F, drum care mi s-a părut că a durat o veșnicie, aeroportul Incheon e foarte mare.

Când am ajuns la F, studenții erau deja acolo, i-am recunoscut imediat, dar cred că și ei m-au recunoscut pentru că imediat cum m-au văzut au ridicat steagul pe care scria numele universității.I-am salutat, m-am prezentat și i-am rugat să îmi arate un loc unde pot schimba banii, unul dintre ei a veni cu mine și în câteva minute problema a fost rezolvată. Acum trebuia să rezolv și problema telefonului, nu a fost prea greu, în fața locului unde mă așteptau studenții am văzut o priză. Pentru că trebuia să mai așteptăm o persoană, colega mea de cameră, am avut câteva minute să îmi pun telefonul la încărcat și să anunț acasă că totul e bine. Deoarece colega mea a venit relativ repede, telefonul meu nu s-a încărcat așa că după ce am plecat din aeroport bateria a murit din nou, dar oricum mă gândeam că până în campus nu voi mai avea nevoie de el. De la aeroport am luat un autobuz către orașul Cheonan, unde ne așteptau alți doi studenți care să ne ajute să ajungem în campus, care e în afara orașului. În autobuz am povestit cu noua mea colegă, am dormit câteva minute și m-am uitat pe geam. Fiind obosită, peisajul nu m-a făcut să simt acea fericire imensă pe care credeam că o voi avea, am fost parcă indiferentă cu tot ce era în jurul meu. Primul lucru pe care pot să-l spun despre Coreea, care mi-a atras atunci atenția a fost că e foarte cald. Când am ieșit din aeroport am crezut la propriu că am intrat într-o saună.

Când am ajuns în Cheonan, ne-am întâlnit cu alți doi studenți KGSP( așa ne numim noi cu această bursă). Am coborât din autobuz și am reușit să facem doar câțiva pași cu bagajele spre stația de taxi, când a venit ploaia … .waw eu am văzut ploi mari în România, dar aceasta a venit ca un taifun, viteza ploii a fost waw … ! Am așteptat cam 10 minute pentru ca ploaia să se oprească, și când s-a oprit un pic ne-am decis să mergem spre stație, nu puteam aștepta să treacă de tot. Ne-am dus către o clădire prin care trebuia să trecem ca să ajungem la stație. Pentru că trebuia să ne cumpărăm carduri de transport și ceva mâncare, am convenit de comun acord, că noi fetele, am fost 3, să mergem să le luăm de la un magazin de lângă, iar băiatul să stea cu bagajele noastre, iar abia apoi să mergem la stația de taxi. Când să ieșim am realizat că ploaia începuse din nou, chiar și așa am decis să alergăm prin ploaie, chiar dacă urma să facem un duș. Am cumpărat cardul, iar de mâncare mi-am luat 3 bucăți de kimbab în formă de triunghi, mi-am dorit să mănânc această mâncare cât de repede pot. Când am ieșit studenta care venise după noi a realizat că suntem mai aproape de stație și că e mai bine dacă eu și colega mea așteptăm acolo, iar ea cu încă alți doi studenți care numai ce veniseră vor merge după bagaje. Unul din ei avea umbrelă așa că au decis să le aducă pe rând. Ploua afară oricum foarte tare. Noi deja eram toți uzi, când ne-au adus bagajele am decis că nu era corect ca doar ei să fie uzi. Le-am ieșit în întâmpinare și am așteptat împreună în ploaie ( o umbrelă nu făcea față la 6 oameni) taxiul. Când am găsit unul eram deja ca și cum aș fi ieșit din piscină. Adevărul e că eu una mă amuzam de situație, mă gândeam că Tatăl meu din cer chiar are simțul umorului câteodată, pentru că eu pomenisem de multe ori, și la fel și colega mea, că primul lucru când ajungem in Cheonan e să facem duș. Așa că mă gândeam că Domnul mi-a îndeplinit dorința.

Eu am luat un taxi singură, pentru că nu am avut locuri pentru ceilalți, bagajele colegei mele erau tot cu mine, pe bancheta din spate. Unul din studenți i-a spus adresa șoferului, dar la o secundă după ce acesta a închis ușa. Șoferul m-a întrebat ( în coreeană, nu vorbea engleză deloc) care e adresa ? I-am răspuns în coreeană ,, Vă rog așteptați ,, am deschis ușa și i-am spus studentului să o repete, dar pentru că ploua el a spus-o din nou prea repede așa că a avut același rezultat după ce a închis ușa. Totuși chiar dacă nu a înțeles bine a pornit mașina și a plecat, mă tot întreba adresa, așa că i-am spus numele universității, a spus ok, dar apoi iar a întrebat de adresă. Mi-am adus aminte că aveam adresa scrisă pe bagaj, care era pe banchetă în spate. Am reușit să rup foaia,dar datorită ploii cerneala de la cariocă s-a scurs și din toată adresa se mai vedeau câteva cifre și litere coreene. Am repetat din nou numele universității apoi campusul, și atunci el a fost Cheonan, nu Asan ???? Si eu, da Cheonan, …Ohh atunci trebuie să întorc. Mă tot gândeam că ar fi fost bine să știu mai bine coreeană, dar na oricum nu aveam adresa decât pe telefon și la el nu aveam acces. Mi-am cerut scuze șoferului că nu știu să vorbesc mai bine coreeană și am încercat să spun cât mai multe pentru a rezolva problema noastră. El tot întreba ce ar trebui să facem ? În tot acest timp el conducea spre universitatea Sun Moon. De asemenea, si el a spus că îi pare rău că nu știe engleză, și a mea coreeană e în regulă. Am ajuns la poarta campusului (la acel moment eu nu am știut că aceea e intrarea din spatele campusului), dar nimeni nu era acolo să mă aștepte, iar ușa era închisă. Am fost ceva de genul, ok … acum ce fac ? Apoi am văzut în mașină un încărcător de telefon. I-am explicat că nu am baterie, dar am adresa (pentru cei care știu coreean am fost ceva de genul 저는 어드레스 를 알아요, 근데 저의 핸드폰 배터리 없어요 coreeana mea! Dar el a înțeles și ca răspuns mi-a dat încărcătorul. Am deschis telefonul și i-am dat adresa.El a fost ceva de genul, dar suntem aici. A pus adresa pe GPS și i-a arătat o altă intrare, s-a întors și în 5 minute am fost în fața căminului, unde mă așteptau două studente. Am fost aproape la un pas de a mă pierde în prima zi, dar nu am intrat în panică pentru că am știut că Dumnezeu mă protejează. După aceea m-am dus în camera mea și doar am despachetat. O parte din hainele mele erau ude. Am dormit doar aproximativ o oră, după care am avut de rezolvat unele probleme legate de conexiunea la internet pentru laptop-urile noastre, în timp ce vorbeam cu părinții mei la telefon. Apoi m-am întâlnit cu o studentă româncă, care este, de asemenea, un student KGSP aici, în campus. După toate acestea în final, am mers la culcare. Era trecut de ora 1 am așa că a trebuit să dorm.

Ziua 1 în Coreea  🙂

Ok, deci aceasta este ziua  în care de fapt, mi-am dat seama unde sunt ….Sunt în Coreea !!!!!

M-am trezit destul de târziu dimineața, ora 10, încă amețită și fără emoție. Ne-am hotărât, eu și alte 3 fete  să mergem în oraș și să cumpărăm diverse lucruri de care avem nevoie în camera noastră. Una dintre ele fusese deja, cu o zi înainte, așa că ea a vrut să fie ghidul nostru și să ne ajute. Am plecat din cămin la ora 11 am. Am luat un  autobuz și atunci m-a lovit unde sunt, văzând  oameni coreeni. Noi în campus suntem numai studenți internaționali așa că uneori nici nu simți că ești în Coreea, dar fiind în autobuz, văzând clădirile toate cu reclame în coreeană m-a trezit la realitate. Când am ajuns în oraș a fost și mai intens, văzând o mulțime de restaurante, magazine, tineri și tinere îmbrăcați în stil coreean și tot felul de alte semne care îmi accentuau și mai mult realitatea.


Ne-am decis că ar trebui să mâncăm și după să mergem la cumpărături. Pentru că toate vroiam să mâncăm mâncare coreeană am intrat într-un restaurant (nu știu dacă este în regulă să spun restaurant, dar cred că voi folosi această denumire totuși), care se numea ,, 깁밥 나라,, Țara kimbab-ului “. Înainte să intram precum și până să ne așezăm la masă ne tot gândeam cum o să comandăm, eu știind cel mai bine coreeană dintre toate, adică eu eram singura care mai știa ceva, ne-am hotărât că voi comanda eu pentru toate. Însă când ne-am așezat am văzut pe masă o foaie, care reprezenta meniul dar care era de fapt comanda, tot ce trebuia noi să facem era să citim ce vrem și apoi să bifăm cu o cariocă ceea ce vrem. Super ! Toate ne-am comandat lucruri diferite. Eu am mi-am luat tteokbokki.


După masă ne-am făcut cumpărăturile până la 5 pm. Am simțit că supermarketul e la fel de mare ca și satul din care provin, erau atât de multe magazine, etaje,  că nu știai unde să te uiți. Cred că poți cumpăra în Coreea tot ce ți-ar trece prin cap să cumperi. Am fost într-un magazin, de unde ne-am și luat cele mai multe lucruri, în care prețurile erau între 1000 won (3,5 lei ) și 5000 won. Nu prea conta gama în care se încadrează produsul, prețurile se încadrau în aceste valori. Eu am cumpărat tot ce am crezut că am nevoie în noua mea cameră și pentru noul an școlar.


După ce m-am întors din oraș am fost atât de entuziasmată și am început să realizez unde sunt , așa că am socializat cu alte fete, am vorbit cu familia mea și m-am gândit la următoarea zi, și la testul de limbă coreeană pe care urma să îl dau pentru ca universitatea să știe de la ce nivel trebuie să încep orele

Plictisitor nu-i așa ???

Voi încerca să fac unele lucruri mai interesante, în zilele următoare, iar dacă o voi face voi mai scrie câteva pagini !

Prima mea impresie despre Coreea:

  1. Foarte curat
  2. Oameni primitori
  3. Străzile sunt foarte colorate
  4. Băieți frumoși și fete frumoase (ha, ha, am avut doar să punctez și acest lucru : d)

Până data viitoare să aveți un timp frumos !

Ahh așteptați am uitat ceva important.

Într-unul dintre magazine am găsit o un carton cu Lee Min Ho. Colega mea a vrut să facă poze cu el, așa că am i-am făcut poze, și apoi ce credeți  ???? Doamnele care erau acolo vânzătoare, a fost un magazin de ceai cred, au venit la noi și în coreeană ne-au spus să așteptăm și continuau să spună, din ce am înțeles, că cei care cumpără ceva vor primi un poster cu el. Fiindcă au tot insistat să așteptăm până una dintre ele a mers undeva în spate, ne-am conformat și am așteptat. Când s-a întors a venit cu un poster mare cu el. Ha, ha, eu am întrebat cât costă și au spus nimic, este un cadou. Ne-au dat 6 postere, chiar dacă am fost 4. Noi toate am fost “Vă mulțumim”, “Vă mulțumim” și am continuat să ne aplecăm cred că de mai mult de 4 ori.


M-am gândit din nou că Dumnezeu este uimitor, primul meu film coreean, care m-a făcut să iubesc Coreea a fost cu Lee Min Ho, iar acum primul meu poster în Coreea este, de asemenea, cu el 🙂


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Departure, arival and first day in Korea :)

Hello  안녕하세요 ^-^

Because many of my friends want to know about my experience in Korea and about Korea in general as well, I decided to write something like a diary on my page. It may be boring because since this is structured like diary I might detail a situation to much, but if you think you would still like reading it, feel free to follow me.

Before starting my journey, I think I should tell you why exactly I moved in Korea for 3 years. Some months ago, in March to be exact, I applied for a scholarship given by the government of Korea. I applied for a master degree program in architecture and architectural engineering. From March until July I had to pass some steppes that involved the minister of education from Romania, the embassy of Korea in Romania, the government and minister of education in Korea, the universities I applied to, and some medical checkups. After passing all of the rounds, I was accepted J . In the first year I will only learn Korean at Sun Moon University from Cheonan, and then 2 years I will attend the master’s degree courses in Seoul at Seoul National University.

 (For more information on this scholarship, I will write an article with these steps in Romania on the page of ACA (Arirang Korean Academy), most probably until the end of September, so check it there.)

Ok so these being said let’s begin my journey.

Departure from Romania and the arrival to Korea

D-day has come, this is the first thing that came in my mind when I woke up on the 22th of August and the second one was, I am really leaving God? Do I move to Korea?  I was feeling exited but in the same time emotional. I knew deep in my heart that as much as I dreamed to live in Korea for a time, this experience will be hard and it will also take me away from my family for a long time. So I cannot say I felt super happy, it was a feeling I cannot really explain in words.

My flight was at 15:20 so I  arrived at the airport at 13:30 pm with a big whole in my stomach. Because I left from Bucharest (the capital of Romania, for those who do not know), and I live in Timisoara, 533 km from Bucharest, I was alone at the airport. So in that day I skipped the emotional feeling of saying good bye from my family. I was a bit worried, instead, that my luggage will not have the correct weight. I could only bring with me 23 kg in the cargo and 8 kg in the carry luggage, but I had 10 in the carry one. My second and longest flight was with Korean air so there I could have 12 kg. But the first one, Czechs airline allowed me just 8 so I was nervous I will have to leave something behind. I already took with me just the things I really needed, so I did not want to throw something. So I can say that staying in the line, beside the time I spoke with my family at the phone I was praying to God for them to not check my hand bag, or to let me pass like that. What did you think that happened???  They did not care at all about my hand luggage so I was like God thank you!!!

I took the first flight (I almost lost the boarding time because of the huge line at the passport check, but with some good people who let me in front of them and also with a run I arrived in time) with the intention to sleep and let the emotions go away. But someone had another plan. The guy next to me just started to speak with me about so many things that before I realized we were in Prague…don’t ask me about how I felt. I have no idea because I was too busy speaking so I did not check my status.

In Prague I meet the other 2 girls from Romania so the 2 hours between the flights, past fast because we chatted. We found our gate really fast, to many Korean people were there so this helped us also in being sure that we are in the right place.

We took the same plane but we had different seats. I had one at the window because I wanted to make pictures when I arrived in Korea  Yeeyyy…or not…I will explain in some minutes why not.

So I boarded the plane. As I expected the Korean Air plane was so clean and big! And the stewardesses were so pretty and so welcoming. I found my seat and then I saw in front of me that the instruction was in Korean, and then bang it hit me ….I AM GOING TO KOREA !!!! I was like WOW this is actually happening! I freaked for a moment and then I calmed. I took some pictures and then I saw, my battery was red. Ok I said, it is Korean Air I will just insert the USB charger and charge it. I left my phone to charge and then I closed my eyes and thought at the past months. I thought at God and how He worked for me to be in the plane that day. The plane took off and I was still thinking, then I said let’s make pictures, one of my friend told me she wants pictures from the plane. This is the picture 🙂20160822_185014

But then I saw…my phone’s batter was red, I was like ohh what happened. I looked at my women next to me, she also was charging her phone. I thought I should ask her if hers works …after I disconnected and connected my phone several times, I just decided to ask.

,, Excuse me, your phone battery is charging ? ,, ,, Yes, your’s not ? Try mine ,,

I put my USB in her charger and for one second it worked and then stopped …I was like ok, what do I do?? …without battery I can’t do pictures and worse I cannot announce my parents I am well in Incheon airport…I panicked a bit and then I said, it’s ok , God will solve it. I took another picture and then closed my phone and I decided to watch a movie.

The idea of the movie, I still think it was good…but I choose a movie that I would not recommend it in a day like mine, when you are emotional. Great movie but it really made me cry, yeah I cried in the plane…without noise, of course. I still have my dignity.This is the trailer of the movie I saw and I sincerely recommend it :

After this movie I went to my Romanian colleague to solve my problem with the phone, but surprise. When I put my USB in the charger it still did not work, so I was like ok then the problem is with my phone or charger. She advised me to ask one of the stewardesses if she cannot help me. I thought it was a good idea so I tried, one of them gave me her charger but still my phone did not work L. So I just told myself ok I will just see what I will do when I arrive at the Seoul airport. Therefore, no pictures from the airport or from the time I landed.

After that I just watched another movie, this time an American one, because I told myself that I just want to relax, and not to be emotional again. I saw Mother’s Day. It was nice. While I watched this movie the entire plane was already asleep, the light was off and the windows covered. I was thinking why can’t I sleep, it was already like 8 am and I just couldn’t sleep. I could see that there was light outside, but because people were sleeping I could not watch the sunrise …  After the movie I just listened to some music, the last album of Junsu and also some classic music , Beethoven. Listening to this I felt asleep…but then the light went on, it was breakfast time, and I was like noooooo not now. I began to fill more and more tired ….the result of these is that not just that I did not take pictures but I was so sleepy when we landed that I did not even watch through the window ( and I especially booked a window seat to capture the moment in my phone and also my head). Even when I was in the airport I was like, so I am in Korea, yes…I am,  but without excitement.

When I recovered my luggage I said goodbye from the other Romanian girls, since we each had different destinations. I looked for the gate where someone was supposed to pick me up. I was at gate B at that moment and I had to go to the gate F. I did not have my phone so I was like, thank you God I have a good memory and memorized the information and also the faces of the students who will come after me.

From gate B until F, I was like I am sooo lucky I did not bring so many stuff, I am soo luky that my luggage is not so heavy, because the Incheon airport is so big, it took me like a life to pass all the other gates.

            The students were there waiting for me and I think they also recognized me or they just saw me with the luggage, because they lifted the flag of the university when they saw me. I greeted them and then ask them where can I exchange some money. After that I just saw a charger and went there, plugged my phone and announced my family that I am ok. I was happy my phone was ok, but I could not stay a lot there because we had to leave. My roommate also arrived and we had to take a bus to Cheonan where other students were waiting us to send us to our campus.  In the bus I just spoke with my roommate and slept a bit. Not even seeing the view of Korea did not make me realize exactly where I am .  My first impression though about Korea was that the wheatear was too hot. When we went outside the airport, it was insane, I literally thought I am in a sauna.

            Arriving to Cheonan, we met other two KGSP students. We got off the bus and only took a few steps with our luggage towards the taxi station when the rain came….waw it was like… I’ve seen hard rain in Romania but this one just came like a typhoon, the speed was waw…! We waited like 10 minutes for the rain to stop, and it did a little, so we just said we should just go even if it is still raining. We went near the station and then it started again. We needed to buy transportation cards and also some food, so me and the other 2 girls just decided to just take a shower,( the other student stayed with our luggage inside of a building ). We ran like crazy to the closest shop. I bought the card and also 3 triangular kimbabs. It was my desire to eat this as fast as I can in Korea  . We already were wet so we said now let’s go back to our luggage. Outside we realized that the taxi is close to the shop. Other 2 students came and one had an umbrella, so they decided that me and my roommate should wait and they will bring our luggage with the umbrella and then we should take a taxi to the campus. We said ok, the rain was again crazy …they came back really fast but not the taxi, so until we could find a taxi we put the luggage near the station. It was  almost like I just fell in some pool. I actually was kind of amused because I really wanted to make a shower. I said it a lot in the bus to my roommate. We both agreed it is the first thing we will do when we arrive, so I was thinking that God  helped me take a shower even earlier than I thought. My Heavenly Father really has a sense of humor sometimes. So I took a taxi, alone because we had no space for the other students, some of my roommate’s luggage was also in my taxi. At soon as I closed the door the taxi driver asked ( in Korean he did not know English ) what’s the address.  He did not understand what the student told him, it was raining to hard, so the student just said it right before closing the door after me. I answered in Korean as well ,, wait please ,, I opened the door so the student said again, but with the same result. The taxi went off and he was like, where is the address and I was like, ok wait , tried to take my address from the luggage but because of the rain the paper and the green ink was destroyed. You could read just a bit of some numbers and some Korean letters…ohh so I said Sun Moon University Cheonan campus, and he was like Cheonan not Asan ? I was like no no , not Asan , Cheonan…he then said ohh then I need to turn back. I was like ok at least I know some Korean, but ohh where do I get the address from? I have it on my phone but I do not have battery. I had time to charged it in the airport just enough to announce my family that I am ok. I apologized to the driver saying that I cannot speak Korean much and tried to say as much as I could in order to solve our problem.  He kept asking what should we do? Al this while he was driving to Sun Moon University. He also said sorry for not knowing English and he said my Korean is ok.  We arrived at the gate of the dormitory (at that time I did not know) but no one was there and the door was closed, I was like ok…  what do I do? Then I saw he had in the car a phone charger. I explained him that I do not have battery but I have the address ( for those who know Korean I was something like that 저는 어드레스를 알아요, 근데 저의 핸드폰 배터리 없어요 My Korean! But he understood and as an answer he just gave me the charger. I opened my phone and gave him the address, and he was like, ok but this is it, he put it on the GPS and it showed him another entrance, he turned back and in 5 minutes I was in front of the dorm where someone was expecting me.  I was like I almost got lost in the first day, but I did not panic because God is protecting me. After this I went in my room and just unpacked. Some of my clothes were wet.  I only slept for about an hour. After that I had to solve some internet connection problems that we had with our laptops, while talking with my parents on the phone. Then I met with a Romanian girl who is also a KGSP student here in the campus. After all this I finally went to sleep. It had passed 1 am so I had to sleep.

Day 1 in Korea 

Ok so this is the day I actually realized where I am ….I AM IN KOREA !!!!!

I woke up pretty late in the morning, like 10 a clock, still dizzy and without excitement. We decided, me and 3 other girls that we should go to the city and buy different stuff we needed in our room. One of them already went, a day before, so she wanted to be our guide and help us. We left our dorms at 11 am. We took a bus and then it hit me when I saw Korean people. We are just international people in the campus as I mentioned above.  I also saw the buildings better and all the adds written in Korean and I was like I JUST CAN’T BELIVE IT… It was even more exiting when we arrived in the city, seeing a lot of restaurants, shops, fashioned people, and all kind of signs that were just telling me I was in Korea.


            We decided we should eat and then go shopping. We all wanted to try some Korean food so we saw a restaurant (I do not know if it is ok to say restaurant, but I think I will stick with this name) that was called ,,깁밥 나라,, The country of kimbab”. It seemed interesting so we went there. We were like who will order? I said that I think I can do it, I know how to do it, but when we chose our table we saw a paper on the table. It was the menu so all we had to do was just check with a marker what we wanted. I found that to be really cool.  We all had a different order. I had tteokbokki.


            After the meal we just shopped until 5 pm. I felt that the supermarket was just as big as my childhood village. They have so many shops and so many things that all you need is money. I think they have all you would possibly think to buy. We went into some shops from where we bought most of our things. Almost all the prices were between 1000 won (≈1 USD) and 5000 won. It did not matter what you bought. I bought all kinds of stuff that I thought I need.


            After returning from the city I was so excited and I started realizing where I am, so I just socialized with other girls, spoke with my family and thought about the next day and the Korean test I need to give in order for the university to see my Korean level.

            Boring right ???

            I will try to do some more interesting things, in the following days, and if I do I will write it down.

            My first impression about Korea:

  1. Very clean
  2. Welcoming people
  3. The streets are very colorful
  4. Handsome boys and beautiful girls ( ha ha I just had to say it :d )

Until next time you just have a great time wherever you are !!!!

Ahh wait I forgot something important.

In one of the shops we found a big picture with the actor Lee Min Ho. My roommate wanted to take pictures with him so I took some of her, and then what do you think ???? The ladies that were selling there, it was a tea shop I think, just came to us and, in Korean of course, told us to wait and they kept saying, from what I understood, that they will give us as a gift a picture with him if someone buys something. They really insisted for us to wait, and then two of them went somewhere in the back and then came with a big poster with him. Ha ha, I was like how much is it, and they said nothing, it is a gift. They gave us 6 posters even if we were 4. All off us were like “Thank you” , “Thank you” and we kept bending until we left. I think we bent more than 4 times.


 I was thinking that again God is amazing, my first Korean movie, that made me love Korea was with Lee Min Ho, and now my first poster is also with him 🙂

Until next page have a good day !!!


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Love is……. ???

        Do you know what true love means?

       I asked myself a lot of times about what love means and every time I could not find an answer to like.
In my simple life I experienced different type of human love: love in family, love in friendship, love for humans, love in dating, love for things. But even so, I never had a clear definition for love. I never said I know and recognize the real feeling of love, like other people did.
It’s true I had a lot of scars from human relationship that made me understand more what hurt and disappointing feeling mean than love, but still I desired to have a definition for this special feeling we all are looking for. I also desired to feel it, like I saw around me.So because of that, without a clear definition, I tried always to find a feeling that will satisfy  some ideas I had about the sensation I should have when I love. I tried to guess if what I feel is love or not. If what the other person does, is love or not.

         I lived like that almost all my life….until some weeks ago.

         I had a really sad experience regarding love, it broke my heart more than all my bad experience from the past. But you know what ??? Love made me cry,  and  also LOVE made me heal after months.
How….??? I know what you’re thinking, for sure you  the one reading, you think I felt in love, I love now a person who healed my heart and made me forget everything I’ve been through. I’m sorry my friend but you are wrong, I’m not in love of a person , but LOVE did help me. That love I’ve been looking for a long time, that love that is perfect. That love that has a real definition, a clear one, that can be felt perfectly in your life. You don’t need to ask yourself all the time : Is this how love’s supposed to be? This love gives you peace and a feeling you will never find, a feeling that will never go away, that will never disappear. And this LOVE is called JESUS.
We will never find real love from people. Human love is temporary and it comes desiring something back, but the love that comes from Jesus will always be free and permanent.

         So those who are like I was, questioning what love is and trying to find a sort of feeling to satisfy some sort of ideas about love, just try to accept the real love that comes from God. If you really seek for it, will come for sure, and you will feel how it is to be really loved and you will know what true love is.

        Just open your heart and it will come, I assure you, you  will never regret.


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Do we really care about what happens around us ?

Do we really care about what happens around us ?
This days I keep asking myself: do we people really care what happens around us ? like for real, not just with words?? Do I care ? ? ?

I have the impression that most of the time we don’t, we give the impression we do, but in fact we don’t. The funny thing is that we all are like that, so we can’t even observe that people around us don’t care , we are to focus on our life.
I am not speaking now about helping people, but real care, observing the tiniest facts that happen in our families, in nature, in everything.
We live day by day with worries about our futures: we need to finish an university , to find a good job,to buy a house, to marry, to have a family, to assure our children’s a good life….and so on, day by day our minds are connected with what we should do to have a good life and like we planned once.Day by day we go through life most of the times without  breathing the air or observing the changes that are around us.

We want always more and more in everything and we try to find something that is good enough to accomplish our desires.But when we think we have what we wanted we discover we are not so happy like we thought we would be….why ? In my case I think it’s because I am to stressed on my rode to have what I want,so when I actually accomplish my dream/plan I am to tired to be happy …… This is stupid right ?…Yeah it is , but I have the impression that some of you are like me, we want something and when we have it we are not so accomplish and we will try to find something else that maybe will bring us the joy we look.
But why we are like this?……Why we just don’t look around us and care about what we see, what we have in present, why we always look and live in the future???
We use so often: I would like to have….I would love to do ….I will care more next time….and we barely say : I like now to see the beautiful colors of autumn or Did you ate my friend?.

Our world is now based on so much ,, I want……,, that we forgot to be happy for what we actually have.
I don’t know if I will find some answers to my questions from this days, but I know I want to start living in present, not in future anymore,to actually live the moments and to be happy for what I have.
I hope we all will do like this, let’s live for real and write our stories page by page without thinking, what should we do in the next chapter.

Let’s wake up from this life : always running after benefits and what we don’t have;

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Lesson 1 : Hangul-Korean Alphabet

Hello 🙂


Here is my first lesson, this is how I study so I hope it will help.

Here are some links to a page I use to learn words, they have lessons for alphabet too.

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